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Be the best parent you can be for your children.

Parenting is hard. Anyone who has ever been a parent or primary caregiver knows that. But one of the things that make parenting so hard is weeding through all the information, advice and opinions. Everyone's got one, an opinion that is, even those who don't have children! 


At every stage of parenting, we tend to focus on the child, in the moment; just get me through this temper tantrum, or this homework battle, or this attitude, and it'll be fine! And most times, it is; somehow, things have a wicked way of working out. But other times, we face a challenge and kick ourselves for not knowing something that could have helped prevent or at least ease the difficulty we are facing.


And guess what, parenting is not just about the child; you have to be taken care of too.


What if we could see the big picture? What if we had a little bit more information about how children develop and why each stage matters to the next? And what if we could share our experience with other parents without judgment or fear of 'mum shaming' - it does take a village after all!. And what if that sharing of information in a supportive community gave us more confidence in our parenting practice? 


Raising and educating children is both an art and a science; understanding the science of development helps us have more fun and stress less while expressing our art.


Raising Change is a heart-centred, brain-savvy approach to parenting. It's not only about the children; it's also about growing, healing and developing ourselves, so we can all be the change we want to see in the world. 


Raising Change uses a simple metaphor of the four seasons to educate and support parents in understanding the science and fully expressing the art of raising their children with courage and confidence. 

Click here to find out more about the seasons of Raising Change.

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