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The ability to read is a great predictor of success in life. There are many pre-reading activities that an adult can introduce to inspire their children to love reading. While snuggling up with a good storybook or gathering a group of children for storytime encourages deep bonds between all involved, extending the activities to help the children engage more with the story improves overall learning skills.  And don't think that reading is only for children; research shows that reading holds many benefits across the lifespan;

  • improves brain connectivity

  • increases your vocabulary and comprehension

  • empowers you to empathise with other people

  • aids in sleep readiness

  • reduces stress

  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate

  • fights depression symptoms

  • prevents cognitive decline as you age

  • contributes to a longer life


To inspire you to take storybooks to the next level and engage your children through fun activities, we have created Story Packs for our Katie's Readers selection of books. Whether you are looking for activities for a rainy day or projects for your classroom, I'm sure you will find something for everyone in our Story Packs.  


These documents are free to download, simply click on the book to access the link. All books are available on Amazon worldwide or through the links provided. Follow us on Instagram to see reels of us making the crafts, and don't forget to share your art and tag us to share your creations with our community. 

Story Packs

Coming Soon!
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