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What is it?

A global community.

The Katie's Readers PASS IT ON programme can be picked up and implemented by anyone, anywhere in the world. By signing up to participate in our programme you automatically become member of our global community.

Free online training.

We offer a free online training programme that includes everything you need to know to get started with a PASS IT ON programme in your community. Upon completion of the training you will receive a Katie's Readers PASS IT ON certification and be included in our global data base of volunteers. Following your training we will continue to coach and support you as you build your  personalised programme.

Based on the latest research.

Our programme is based on the latest research from experts in education, psychology and neuroscience, showing that children learn most efficiently through fun and engaging activities.  We include movement, arts & crafts, communication and stories enabling children to enjoy forming connections and engaging in more meaningful learning.

Truly sustainable.

No body knows a community better than those who are of that community. That is why we train you in the principles of our programme, then encourage you to implement it in a way that works best for your community. 

What it is NOT?

A done for you approach.

We provide you with the information to be able to  implement a PASS IT ON programme in your community. We do not do the work for you. This is your programme and you are responsible for all aspects of it.

Set in stone.

Our programme includes principles from neurodevelopment, psychology, and tried and tested educational approaches, all with the human spirit at heart. We give you the information and encourage you to adjust the programme to fit in with the culture of your community.

Who is it for?

Youth volunteers.

If you are enrolled in an IB programme and require CAS hours, are planning a trip for volunteer tourism, or would like to be involved in building an outreach programme for your school or university, the Katie's Readers PASS IT ON programme can be adapted to all of your needs and ideas.

Teachers and parents.

Schools all over the world are realising the value of encouraging students to become more actively involved in their local communities. If you are a parent, a teacher or a community group organiser who would like to implement an outreach programme, the Katie's Readers PASS IT ON training makes it easy!


Expatriates all over the world are in an extraordinarily unique position to help us share our programme. Imagine being able to make a real difference in the local communities of your host country, helping us to scatter the love of learning around the world.

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