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There are so many benefits of arts and crafts for young children and youth, and even adults. Adding activities like crafts, role-playing, music, movement, writing, drawing, story-telling etc., to an education plan can significantly improve the academic outcomes. Some of the benefits are:


  • Improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • Engages the senses.

  • Builds and strengthens neural pathways.

  • Improves memory.

  • Promotes critical thinking.

  • Develops self-awareness and self-expression.

  • Supports emotional regulation and coping skills.

  • Improves mood and helps to ease mental health challenges.

  • Raises present moment awareness and mindfulness.

  • It can even alleviate symptoms of trauma.


Here are some simple craft projects that you can enjoy with your children, in a classroom or even with your Katie's Readers PASS IT ON community project. Click on the name of the project to download a free PDF with instructions, and follow us on Instagram to see reels of us making them. And don't forget to share your art on Instagram and tag us to share your creations with our community. And, above all, have fun!

Arts & Crafts

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