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While Katie's Readers does not ordinarily raise funds for our day to day operation, there often comes a time when we run a fundraising campaign to support a project that enables us to help in a more tangible way.

Knitters Unite for Refugees is one of those projects.

Every child should have access to quality education, but we must also meet their basic, fundamental needs to ensure efficient learning. During the winter months, this means making sure children are warm and comfortable in the classroom.


Our volunteers keep busy throughout the year, hand-making hats and scarves for children and young adults. 


Before the global pandemic hit, we sent our winter woollies to Hands-On Hope, a Community Service & Humanitarian Organization based in Amman, Jordan providing critical support to those suffering from poverty & hardship, both local Jordanians and refugees. Hands-On Hope provides aid, community services, education, and college scholarships, among many other things, at the grassroots level where it is needed most.


Every penny of our fundraising effort enables us to purchase wool for our colourful hats and scarves, which we distribute the following winter—providing beautifully hand-made winter woollies to keep children warm and snuggly in their classrooms so they can focus on learning. 


Unfortunately, we cannot send items to Jordan this year due to Covid restrictions. Instead, we will be offering our hats scarves to the many Afgan refugees who have recently arrived in the United Kingdom. 


If you would like to support our campaign, please consider donating by clicking on the pay pal link on this page; any amount will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate hats and scarves, please contact us for more details. 

Thank you so much for supporting our 

Katie's Readers Knitters Unite 


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