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How to Get Involved

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Whether you are involved with a school, university or community group or would just like to support our mission, there are many ways to get involved:


If you already know that you would like your school or group to get involved in the  Katie's Readers PASS IT ON programme, or you would like to dive into our online training and see the programme for yourself,  please feel free to click Join Us! below, where you will be taken directly to our course platform.  

Join Us
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If you would like more information, or would like to discuss if our programme is a good fit for you, or how we can best support you in the implementation of our programme, please click Contact Us below, to arrange a call.

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Katie's Readers began with a simple book drive. We collected gently used books from our community and passed them on to local schools with limited resources.  We continue to inspire and encourage others to share books in this way and help us spread awareness of our project by placing a sticker on the front of each book. If you would like to order stickers and get your community or family involved, click on Order Stickers below.

Coming Soon
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Do you love knitting? Do you love to crochet? Throughout the year Katie's Readers volunteers make colourful hats and scarves to give to our partners in Jordan and in the UK beautiful winter woollies to help keep children from refugee and displaced communities nice and snuggly warm in the winter months. Click on the link below to go to our "Knitters Unite" campaign page. 

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If you love what we do but are not in a position to join our programme, please follow our Raising Change Instagram account by clicking on Follow Us below, and like, share, save and help Katie's Readers with our mission to 'scatter the love of learning around the world.' And don't forget to sign up to our news letter so you know what we are up to!

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